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We are a local company based in beautiful Sipi Falls Gorge, Eastern Uganda.

Specialized in tours and activities, from Abseiling / Rock climbing to Sipi Falls hiking tours on Mountain Elgon.

Over the years we have been motivated by the beautiful and incredible landscapes nature and the authentic culture that surrounds Mount Elgon as a tourist destination.

Through Mulima Mountain Adventures we want to showcase and share this beauty with our guests both famous and hidden treasures of Mountain Elgon.

Our tours extend from Abseiling Sipi Falls, Rock climbing, Coffee tours, Sipi Falls hiking, Mountain Elgon hiking, Benet hiking, Kalenjin wilderness hiking, Sunset tours, Chebonet waterfall hiking, Mountain biking, Nature walks at the forest exploration (Mountain Elgon National Park).

Indeed at Mulima Mountain Adventures, we understand that Adventure tourism is all about interacting with people and enjoying our experience with incredible sites. All our guides have years of experience in guiding and tour planning. Our Guides proactively strive to improve guests’ experience by updating the activities we offer.


Abseiling Sipi Falls with Mulima Mountain Adventures

Our top 4 mountain adventures for you

Abseiling Sipi Falls

Abseiling Sipi Falls

Abseiling Sipi Falls is for adventure lovers looking for a rush of adrenaline in a picturesque location.

The equipment we use for Abseiling Sipi Falls is safe, quality certified, and approved by Uganda Mountain Climbers Association.

Anyone can abseil or rappel from the top of the thundering Sipi waterfall with a height of 100 meters.

Hiking Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls Tour

Sipi Falls is located in Eastern Uganda with well-maintained trails. Enjoy the beautiful views of the areas on your way to the bottom of each of the three waterfalls.

Sitting in the foothills of Mt Elgon and overlooking a vast plain, Sipi Falls is arguably the most beautiful chain of waterfalls in Uganda. There are three levels, and though the smaller two are beautiful, it is the 100m main drop that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Hiking Mount Elgon Uganda

Hiking Mount Elgon 4321 m

Keen to stand on the top of Mount Elgon? Climb the world-famous largest Mountain caldera with us and make once-in-a-lifetime memories!

The three itineraries below are our favorites and the ones we most recommend. They are all very beautiful and allow you to enjoy the amazing scenery.

Bushiyi Trail
Sipi-Bushiyi Trail
Kapkwata-Piswa-Bushiyi Trail

Hiking Benet Community

Hiking Benet Trails

This incredible hike takes you to experience real mountain adventures. Far away from the noise and busy life, you can enjoy the peace of unspoiled nature.

It is a combination of nature and culture of the Sebei people living in a rural and picturesque environment.

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  • star ratingI didn’t know what to expect so I made an abrupt call to Job and asked for rates. Told my guests we were going to sipi the next day. Got... read more

    7. August 2023

    star ratingGreat fun and always felt safe - We were recommended this company through our accommodation and we’re pleased we booked them! Job and the team were very friendly and always made us feel safe and in good... read more

    29. July 2023

    star ratingWhat are you waiting for? - I can't recommend this adventure enough. I throughly enjoyed the experience. The team are very friendly and very professional.

    19. July 2023

    star ratingAmazing and Refreshing - The experience in Sipi and Kapchorwa generally was amazing.
    The was amazing I can recommend other people.

    13. July 2023
  • star ratingAmazing - Job and the team they gave us the best experience we enjoyed the abselling and the hiking to the other falls was so amazing
    We shall always recommend our friends... read more

    10. July 2023

    star rating10/10!! - Amazing experience. Very friendly and engaging guides. You won’t regret booking! Amazing photography and videography.

    Faizah S
    10. July 2023

    star ratingJob and his team are incredibly personal, passionate, and wickedly gifted!! Every single detail in our experience (abseiling + hiking + local food) had the highest level of attention imaginable.... read more

    9. July 2023

    star rating10/10 — Highly Recommend - AMAZING experience! Job, Francis, Friday, and Fred provided such an incredibly personable and interactive time. They prioritize your time and work to give you a great trip where you feel... read more

    Anna B
    3. July 2023

About Sipi and things to do

Sipi Falls consists of three (3) waterfalls. The main one is 100m, the second one is 65M the third is 85M. It is a place that enriches one’s soul and promises life-changing moments, mountain adventures, and opportunities that will leave you with memories of unforgettable experiences.


It is an extraordinary gift passed down over generations and even for those of us who have known its sweeping landscapes since birth. It remains a place of extraordinary beauty and discovery.


Sipi is located in the Eastern part of the country on the foothills of Mount Elgon in Uganda. It is a small village with very welcoming Sebei people that will reward you with a comfortable stay.


Uganda is a diverse country with every district with its uniqueness in terms of language, culture, and social well-being of people.

Your visit to Mountain Elgon will educate you with an immersive authentic true experience.

main sipi waterfall
second sipi waterfall

The area will surprise you as soon as you arrive with its incredible terrain slopes covered with green vegetation. It is just beautiful to stare at and take in the breathtaking fresh air that goes beyond your expectations.

These are still the same slopes where the food is grown. You will have the opportunity to taste the local organic food at your preferred lodge or hotel.

Mountain Elgon welcomes all travelers to come and enjoy mountain adventures. Comfortably hiking the Sipi Falls with the help of well-maintained local trails. The hiking trails lead the guests to every waterfall, the hidden treasures of Sipi.

The hike takes you through the local homestays, coffee plantations, and banana farmsteads. Where you will always find a special place to trace a story of the Coffee tour.

Sipi Falls is located on the edge of Mountain Elgon meaning it’s a starting point for those who want to challenge themselves by Hiking Mountain Elgon for a few days.

We are always happy to organize all these kinds of mountain adventures and real wilderness experiences, to enjoy this beautiful region with joyful panoramic viewpoints.

Would you like to experience the Sipi Falls?

Where you can find us in Sipi

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