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Enjoy the magic moment of sunsets or sunrises

Sipi Sunset Tour


Sipi Falls is a unique place of tranquillity and beauty, where nature seems to have created a picture-perfect scene. Nestled in the eastern district of Uganda, Kapchorwa it holds a set of three dramatic waterfalls all offering breathtaking views.

But the real magic happens when the Sun dips below the horizon or gleams at its first light – initiating the Sipi sunset and the Sipi sunrise tours at our famous King’s viewpoint.


The Sipi sunset has a mesmerizing allure that invites people from far and wide, a spectacle that many wish to witness firsthand. With the sun bidding farewell at the end of the day, the Sipi sunset casts a warm, gold-hued glow over the falls, a sight that stops time and enchants those privileged enough to take it in. The beauty of the Sipi sunset is intensified by the backdrop of Mt. Elgon, adding an exquisite depth to the serene scene that plays out at the end of each day.


The stargazing following a beautiful Sipi sunset, once the colors have faded into the darkness, is worth staying for. The clear skies offer a celestial extravaganza for those who appreciate the beauty of our galaxy’s vastness. Our guides will help set up cozy and comfortable seating arrangements to ensure your memory of the Sipi sunset includes the bright dance of distant stars.

Sunset at the Kings Point in Sipi

Sipi Sunrise Tour


On the other hand, the Sipi sunrise is equally breathtaking. Witnessing the transition from darkness to light, from a star-speckled canvas to the early morning rays striking the waterfalls is an unforgettable experience. Wake up early enough, and the sight of the Sipi sunrise will make you appreciate the beauty that a new day brings. The sky, clear and blue, provides the perfect contrast for the golden rays of the rising sun.


The Sipi sunrise spreads its warm light over the calm waters, illuminating the landscape – a testimony to nature’s grandeur. It’s an enchanting sight and one that holds the promise of a new day. And much like the Sipi sunset, the Sipi sunrise has a harmonious quality about it, filling you with a sense of peace and serenity that only nature can provide.


The balance of the Sipi sunset and the Sipi sunrise offers a collective experience marking both the ending and the beginning of days, which makes Sipi Falls a place of cyclic enchantment. Sipi sunset tours are a feast for the eyes, and Sipi sunrise tours are an awakening for the soul. Both deserve to be on the bucket list of anyone who appreciates the brilliance of nature.


The Sipi sunset and Sipi sunrise tours offer unique experiences to all, from the enthusiastic traveler seeking dramatic landscape vistas and serenity to the nature photographer on the hunt for that perfect shot. So whether you are a wanderer, a thinker, or a seeker, trek to Sipi Falls and take part in these magical experiences that await among the peaceful routine of nature’s daily transformations.

sunrise in sipi
sunset viewpoint sipi
sunset in sipi
sunset in sipi at the viewpoint

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